Why Simply Sloth?

If you are anything like us then you love sloths for their cuteness, sleepiness, and simpleness. So we keep it simple. WE LOVE SLOTHS!

How Do We Work?

We sell the cutest sloth products on the internet all while donating 5% of every purchase to the world wildlife fund to save sloths from endangerment. It's a win-win!  

What Is Simple Sloth?

We sell everything from sloth plush animals for those naptime cuddles all the way to sloth jewelry to bring out the inner sloth in everyone!

Our Promise?

We make a promise to always be there for our customers with 24/7 live support and never disappoint our customers with our product. In the rare case, we have an unhappy customer we will do whatever we can to change that because we are all human sloths and on the same team! # Simplysloth